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:: Guild Charter of Wind of Tranquility

A certain level of dedication is required from all members. We do not expect to hear of members applying to join other guilds. If there is an urge to join another guild take the time to leave us before doing so. We respect that all people have different goals!
We expect also that you join guild with your main char, and dont have any other "main" chars raiding with other guilds on our server.

Alts in other Guilds

As a general rule this is disallowed, exceptations can happen.
It is allowed to have alternative chars in other guilds, but it must always apply to guild which is below WoT in Progression, and playing those alts should not interfere with WoT raid times and events.

Membership of Raidorganizations

It is allowed to be a member of a raidorganization, as long as you do not raid targets on the guild restricted list with the organization, and being a member of an organization should not interfere with WoT raid times and events.

There is no official guild faction requirement, we now kill any mob that comes our way so be prepared to loose faction.

In general no members should use /anon. Role-play is accepted. We are proud of our guild name and should by no means hide it.

Civil manner

There will always be conflicts in the game. You happen to kill a mob that someone else was camping or was engaging? You take a camp that someone claims to have? Someone starts cussing at you? If the dispute is between you and another player: Avoid assuming the worst of other fellow players. Lean back some. If the person you are communicating with does not take it in a good way, just let it be. Don’t act out in public. Stay straight. It’s not worth it. Remember that you as an individual represent the guild as a whole. It is always better to take a step back. There will be always another day to get X mob or Y camp. If there are conflicting raids: leave it to the raidleaders or to an officer. Never take it on yourself to interfere in the mediation process. It seldom brings a good closure.

Help others not because you want others to help you, but because you can. The results of going out of your way to help a guild friend will always be worthwhile; you never know when you may need help yourself, but don't expect people to drop what they are doing. Ask nicely be friendly and you never know...


In the event that one of our members persistently disregards these rules or behaves in some other intolerable manner, an officer will give them a warning. If this warning fails to result in an improvement the officers team will take action depending on the nature of the problem. This might result in a guild remove.


Loot is done on a points system (dkp), basically more raids attended will generate more chances at better loot.

All loot on raids will become guild property. Items held by the guild bank will be sold to raise guild funds or will be given out to members in need. A store of drop spells is kept by the guild on alt chars. Any guild member may request and receive for free any spell that is banked.


Guild members are expected to try and attend guild raids. For major raids, all guild members are expected to make a big effort to attend.

Currently we run up to 3 major raids a week. Our current raid days are Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday. On these days you have to attend if you are online with a WoT tagged character, we have other raids on other days but these are not required attendance unless deemed as a major raid. Please take into account that the more you put into the guild then the more likely you will get help with things such as epics/quests or people even deferring loot in your favour.

Members are expected to stay for the entire duration of the raid. If however you need to come late or leave early take this up with the raidleader/officers in beforehand.

Raid supplementary

Applicants are required to join the wotjoin channel - this will allow them to join the current raids and participate in guild groups etc.

If you need a buff, do not ask in ooc, rather request the buff in the appropriate channnel or send a tell directly to the person who can provide it. Buffing classes should coordinate by themselves which buffs they will do.

If you are late on raids you may well miss the full point allocation for the raid, please always try to arrive on time.

Epics / Quests

Members who wish to get their epic weapon, or complete other major quests, should ensure that they have done everything they can towards the quest before requesting help. We do use the raid force to complete an epic if it is really required.


Please see the recruitment forum for current status and requirements.

Proven RL friendship with current WoT member (we need confirmation from related member) simplyfies the recruiting process. More about it at the bottom of "Recruiting process" section.

Recruiting process:

When applying for WoT membership, a post should be made to our "Recruitment" forum. The following info should be posted:

1. Brief introduction
2. Main character's name, class, level & race
3. Significant alts (max. 2)
4. Keys to zones / flags
5. Why would you like to join our guild, what do you expect from us and what are your personal goals in Everquest?
6. A magelo profile is always helpful

After the recruitement post has been made join the wotjoin channel - this will keep you up to date on the next raids and available raidspots. For easy participation in raids applicants will be tagged within a few days, giving the guild members time to review the application and express their opinion.
The recruitment process can seem to be slow, please have patience as probation normally takes around 4 weeks. This is to allow you to become comfortable in the guild and for us to get to know you.

All guild's rules apply to an applicants at this stage and they will be treated like a guild member.

Information from your groups and raiding will be posted on the forums and will reflect how you play your class and what type of person you are.

On the final week of probation a vote is held by the members. If requirements are met, probation period ends and you are a full member. If membership is denied, recruiting process ends here and explanation is replied to application through tells or email. Also, any other person that might have been involved in this process (RL friend, in-game friend) are given an explanation.

Officer team:

Jitatha, Ksuz, Gillgamesh, Docoe, Finelarya, Leleane, Wenamcea & Jyve.

Take care,

Everyone at Wind of Tranquility.

05:44pm UTC, 5th Mar 2003 (Updated 01:16pm UTC, 16 May 2011)

:: DKP System
Awarding points:
  • Points are awarded on a per-raid basis. Raids with multiple major kills such as NToV will be treated as several individual raids. Point deductions will be made for late arrivals when apropriate.
  • Non-members do not gain points as guests or un-tagged applicants. Tagged applicants get the same points as full members.
  • Players who dual box will get full points for their main character and half points for the other character if requested to attend. Unrequested bots will not be awarded points.
  • Alts do not get any points unless specifically requested, in which case the full points are allocated.
  • Items of significant worth returned or donated to the Guild Bank may credit the member with half of their purchase point-value at the Leadership's discretion.

    Cashing in points on Raids:

  • No-drop loot is handled at the time of dropping, by the designated Loot officer. Other loot is handled at the end, or via the Guild Bank.
  • Those who are interested in the item currently on offer send a /tell to the loot officer, who checks the current point totals. Whoever has the highest total points of all interested parties wins the item, and immediately has the price deducted from his points total.
  • Alts / 2nd box characters defer to Mains.

    Cashing in points via the Guild Bank:

  • All items currently in the Guild Bank are listed in the Forums.
  • Raid loot not handled at the time of the raid will give priority to interested parties who attended the raid.
  • To register interest in an item, post on the appropriate thread requesting it. Where more than one person expresses an interest, the one with most points wins, and has the appropriate points deducted.

    Current point values:

  • Please see the list in EQDKP for current point values.
  • Previous point values are listed in the DKP forum.

    Any item not previously awarded will have its point value decided by the Officers online, and the points value will be announced when requesting tells from those interested.

    Spells, parchments, runes, etc

  • These are not considered as points loot, but will go to whoever can scribe in priority of level, and points.
  • Parchments may be /randomed between classes, or by all present.
  • Duplicate spells from parchment or rune turn-ins are expected to be given to the Guild Bank for another guild member to use.

    Changing Mains:
    Switching of mains to be authorized by guild, normally should not be a problem but don't depend on it.

    Defaulted / Reserved Items:
    There will be VERY, VERY FEW defaults but occasionally they may have to be done. Defaulted person will lose points as normal. Examples are huge taunt weapon to MT, Vindi Bp to shaman, fungi only open to monks/shaman, Kerafyms Robe of Endless Chocholate Hobnobs to Balsamo, etc.

    05:42pm UTC, 5th Mar 2003 (Updated 01:16pm UTC, 16 May 2011)


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