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:: Convorteum Conquered! Underfoot Expansion Completed

2011/08/04 - Convorteum 7: The First Creation

Today, Wind of Tranquility toppled the First Creation to complete the Underfoot Expansion, with remarkable ease -- the "warm-up" on Tick-Tock was less than auspicious, but Jitatha took matters firmly in hand and led us to an awesome victory!

In related news, Mythrill opened his capacious DKP purse, startling many generations of moths that had not seen the outside world, and bought some head. Desperation is an ugly thing....

-- Ancaglon

10:10pm UTC, 4th Aug 2011

:: Magus Sisters laid to rest
We finally managed to deal with the pesky Magus Sisters event in Convorteum today -- time to see if the First Creation is going to be as tough a fight....

02/08/2011 - Convorteum 6: Magus Sisters

-- Ancaglon

08:29pm UTC, 2nd Aug 2011

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